Making your company website simple with WordPress

I have decided to write up something short and sweet since I have gotten LOTS of interest about the WordPress platform. Personally, I support WordPress for all types of business because of the ease of use in the administration panel and multi-admin support as well. There can be three or four people in the team who may need admin access to the website, and each one can have separate jobs or tasks they should handle.

Not only is it friendly for the admins, but the responsiveness and layout of the website themes that are available widely and free are amazing. I could custom design you a complete layout using PHP, CSS, HTML and it would take FOREVER. WordPress looks gorgeous, it’s fast and simple. It allows NCSmallBizHost to offer it’s clients an affordable, maintainable website for years to come.

Also don’t forget the optimization aspects of WordPress; it has tons of Search Engine Optimization plugins readily available in the repository. These plugins if configured correctly will assist you in showing at the very top of Google Search Engine Results. NCSmallBizHost has TONS of premium and free repository based plugins for our clients! Everything from caching/speed plugins to increase site speed to the most sophisticated shopping platforms and real estate management platforms to build into your website.

If you have any questions or concerns shoot me a contact via the form or leave a comment!